Thanks to all our friends and family who continue to visit our site and who remember Cassie with each visit. Know that you are in our hearts always, and we are forever grateful for your kindness. Eventually (and soon, we hope!), we will develop the CBM Memorial site with new material and memories of Cassie. Thanks again for your support and love.

Light, Love, Peace, Joy,
Vic, Debbie, and Maya Montemurro

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Cassandra Beth Montemurro

"Cassie: Forever In Our Hearts and Minds"

Last updated on December 15, 2001

This web site is dedicated to the loving memory of Cassie Montemurro: December 20, 1983 to May 17, 1998. Cassie is an outstanding individual, equally as kind as she is intelligent. She died suddenly after three months of brave struggle against illness. Her death is a powerful and terrible loss to her family and friends.

Her young life, though, serves as a reminder of human compassion, service to others, and intelligence in action. However unusual these qualities seem in a fourteen year old, Cassie continues to make us mindful of just how unique and special, how resourceful and capable, how loving and giving, a young person can be.

Cassie is, in the words of one of her friends,"Nothing ever so common." She is missed greatly by those who love her in her family, school, and community. Her memory will be preserved with love and purpose by those who knew her best. Reflection on Cassie's wonderful life will cause great and good actions in the world.

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